Frequently Asked Questions

Questions: You say in the webinar CD “there’s a first 500 card minimum order." Is 500 always a minimum order period or just for first time?

Answer: There is a 500 card minimum order each time the cards are ordered.

Questions: Once the customer info is entered into the dashboard & you’ve hit the save key, can you go back into it & change any mistakes you’ve made?

Answer: Yes, the customer Info is changeable by you at any time through the management portal.

Questions: Can an expiration date be put on the cards?

Answer: Yes, you can have one printed on the back with whatever expiration you’d like in terms of time. However, the expiration date is something that you MUST monitor as there are no provisions for it in the card service!

Questions: What happens to the cards & information etc. if for some reason CLS no longer exists & the website is gone? How will customers & shop be able to check the balances etc.?

Answer: Currently we are working with our programmer to insure at least a copy of the transaction records for your customers. As/If possible we will have the website code available for your specific site and customer records.

Questions: Will the customer see exactly what we see when they log into the CLS website to check their balance? I’m not sure I want them to read all that is there & the reasons why I’m giving out cards. I don’t want to sound or look manipulative or contriving

Answer: NO, your customer sees only their specific page after logging on to it through the customer portal with their card number and name.

Questions: Is there any other expense after the card purchase? I have heard of other systems that require a separate card reading terminal and a monthly service fee or individual transaction fee?

Answer: YES, there is the card purchase and a monthly site access fee! With that you get access to our secure website (your portal) containing all customer transactions specific to your business. Please note that the monthly access fee will be billed on a yearly basis for the upcoming year and is auto renewed unless service is cancelled in writing.

Questions: How does the card work?

Answer: When your customer drops their vehicle off with you in the morning you let them know about this great new benefit in doing business with you, and send them on their way. When you get a minute (literally, it only takes about a minute to register your customer in the system), you go into the CLS secure website and apply your customer name to a specific card number. Each time that customer comes in from then on all you have to do is record the transaction amount and how much they want to apply to their bill from their credit amount. The CLS website does the calculations and keeps track of all transactions for you.

Questions: Can I limit the amount of credit my customer can use during each visit?

Answer: Yes, however this must be done through a explanation of the verbiage on the back of the card AND it is up to the facility to monitor that the cards are being used properly.

Questions: Can I set minimums/maximums of credit my customer can use during each visit?

Answer: Yes, this is done during the simple set up process.

Questions: Can I adjust the credit percentage rate I want to give back?

Answer: Yes, this is done during the simple set up process.

Questions: Can I preload a specific amount for promotions and giveaways?

Answer: Yes, you could take any number of cards and preload whatever amount you’d like to be credited to the customer when they come in.

Questions: Why should I buy these cards from CLS?

Answer: This is the easiest way we know of to reward your customers for coming to you, AND it helps them remember you because they should always have a credit due them on their next visit.

Questions: I see the 2 card styles and 6 different colors, can I get something other then those made that maybe better match my marketing?

Answer: Yes, we can have almost anything produced for you, however there will be additional charges for set up, artwork and special colors.

Questions: I want the cards but don’t really know what to do as the next step, is there someone that can help me decide?

Answer: Yes, we have a live person available Monday—Friday from 8:00—5:00 PST. If there is no answer when you call please leave a message with your name & phone number and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Questions: How long does the process from initial contact to cards in hand take?

Answer: There are many variables to that question, but we can say for certainty that once you have checked off on your final proof of design, it will take 15 days or less!

Questions: Should I call and speak to someone or fax in my information sheet?

Answer: You can do whatever is easiest for you! If you have no questions in most cases it is easiest to simply fax the sheet to us, however if there are any questions, please call us. We’d be happy to help you through the process.

Questions: Are you going to offer “Holiday or Special Occasion” cards?

Answer: Yes, we are planning on taking orders for Holiday or Special occasions around 60 days prior to allow time for processing. Order early though as we do expect this to be a feature that could take a little extra time!

Questions: Can my customer buy cards for family members to use?

Answer: Yes, as a service provider to your customer, I would recommend them doing this for any of their teenage sons or daughters for their benefit and ease of handling vehicle issues.

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