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most effective marketing tool for your automotive facility

Customer Loyalty System (CLS) cards are the easiest, most effective marketing tool on the market today. These CLS cards are the size and thickness of a credit card, and are as attractive as they are durable. Best of all, there are no machines to purchase and swipe and there are no per card transaction fees, just a personalized card with a unique number that allows you or your customer to access their account and know quickly and easily how much they have coming to them in credit against their next repair or service.

Most of the large retailers across the country have known this for years, but until now there simply hasn’t been an easy way for the Automotive Facility to have an affordable option like the big retailers. Well now that bridge has been built, and these CLS cards are being offered to the Automotive Industry as one of the simplest, most cost effective processes available. For one low, per card price, plus a low a monthly service fee, anyone can get their hands on these cards that both the shop and customer will enjoy. It doesn’t get any easier!

WHAT COULD GET ANY EASIER? easy setup. Great benefit in the long run.

You simply decide the percentage you plan on giving back: 2%, 3%, 5%, or what-ever you feel you should/could, then design your Facility Customized Hard Plastic Cards (the size of a regular Credit Card), give our Customer Service personnel some set up information, and wait for your Custom “Customer Loyalty Systems Cards” to arrive (approx. 15—20 days from payment date). During the time from order to delivery we will add your facility information into our CLS website, or if you prefer, have your website specialist build a link from your facilities site to the CLS website. This will allow you to assign and monitor customer credit amounts as well as usage, all in one easy to use format. When your customer has a Loyalty Card from you, they can easily go to either our CLS website or your site with a link into ours, type in their information and quickly see how much they have coming to them in credit. You could even give the cards out with a predetermined amount for Holidays or Special occasions that your customer could use the very next day… WHAT COULD GET ANY EASIER?

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